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CALIFORNIA update (finally?)

August 28, 2013 by Nick

Very much in love with life in California and all the new exciting things that come along with it! - I'm working all the time writing new songs and finding new ways to present them. I'm getting things rolling around this area show wise (as well as life wise) - and I'm hoping to be adding many more shows to the calendar as time comes. In other parts of the nation, it might be a little bit before I make it to your neck of the woods again for live dates (but I have a feeling they'll be coming sooner than even I think) so keep posted! I'm also hoping to record and release a live record this fall (releasing before the end of the year digitally) more details on that soon!

I'm staying in touch online through the usual suspects - facebook, twitter, instagram - and 


Thanks for still being out there - even if it feels like all you're doing is waiting - thanks for waiting. Hang tight.



NYC in October - ME in November

October 01, 2012 by Nick

just dropping by to actually USE my website for a change :) 

Wanted to let friends in NYC know I'll be performing a FREE SHOW at:


Session 73 @ 8pm - Saturday October 13


great venue, first time there, very excited.


Also, I'm very pleased to announce I'll be performing live at Bates College - Thursday November 13 @ 9pm as a part of their awesome Village Club Series.


I'll be performing some NEW songs at these dates, in preparation for the recording of my first record with my new side project! I'll have some more information for you all soon on this :)


with much love,





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LIMITED EDITION 2010 fall tour posters

August 17, 2010 by Dan


we just wanted to share a peek at the new fall 2010 tour posters!


they're printed on a stiffer kind of stock than most posters so they're a little higher quality to hang on your wall - or GET SIGNED after shows - as Nick WILL be signing and taking pictures after each live show this fall.


keep posted for more about the tour from Nick's tour manager - Jillian 


She'll be posting blogs from her point of view - Nick will still be posting some here and there as well.


thanks for keeping in touch - hope to see you on the road - please help spread the word about the dates this fall !!



NACA Northern Plains - Jimmy Seas - the Land

April 19, 2010 by Nick

What a great run I've had so far!! Drove about 30 hours up to St. Paul, Minnesota for the NACA Northern Plains Conference - - where I was the emcee for the opening night's showcase. :)


What a GREAT experience it was to be back in that region...what energy from the attendees! Its ALWAYS a thrill to play a NACA stage - but there's just something about the northern plains region that is always just that much thrillinger (yep, made it up!)


Anyway, the showcase went so well, which really just means I'll be touring WI, MN, SD, ND, and IA this fall - pretty much the entire season :)


dates will be posting soon, but I can assure you, there will be plenty of chances to see me play live this fall if you're in or around those areas....with some chances on the East Coast as well!!


Jimmy Seas in Green Bay, WI was Friday night - what a great room! the people there are wonderful to work with, the fans that showed were in full effect. I must say, I had the most fun playing this show than I have in perhaps my last 30 or more shows...must be the spring air :)


followed up the Green Bay date with some R&R at the cabin of some friends of mine north of GB in Oconto Falls - man...I'm pretty sure this is closer to what heaven feels like than anything else on earth...closER...I would imagine heaven is challenging to duplicate on Earth...lack of gold streets, mansions, clouds, etc


the pic is a shot of my two favorite boys ready to play a great night at Jimmy Seas in GB - these two fellas and I are going to be releasing some new tunes for you all real soon...just not sure how I'm going to make them available just yet. 


Until the next one - 


be good to each other -